While the weather changes rapidly around the metroplex, the recovery efforts from Winter Storm 2021 are just beginning. Unfortunately, like with so many other issues, low-income and homeless women and families have been especially hard hit. Many of our clients were without work for 5+ plus days. For a single mother, this lack of hourly wages can be devastating and snowball quickly.

For women with children struggling in poverty, obstacles escalate quickly - a week without work many times means no income for gas or groceries or bills. To many, the fear of eviction or hungry children looms large. With a small gift card, you can help keep a mother on the path out of poverty and secure in her home.

Will you donate a gift card today for a woman and her children on the path out of poverty?

$20 Gas or Uber gift cards can ensure a mom can get her children to school and makes it to work even when her tank is empty and she is struggling
between paychecks.

Essential needs are often unmet by families escaping poverty. A $25 Walmart or Walgreens gift card can ensure a mom can meet her children’s needs, even when her funds are low.

Drop off, mail or make an online gift card donation below 

512 W 4th Street Fort Worth, Texas 76102 Attn: Ruby Mumtahin 

Transportation: The Overlooked Poverty Problem 

During the height of COVID-19 closures and domestic violence shelters filling up rapidly, Cari and her two sons fled their home with only a few belongings and her car.

CTL found the family a safe home, but Cari lost her job within weeks due to the continued COVID closures. Without income to make the car payments, Cari's car was repossessed.

Determined, Cari found new employment, but without a car she was caught in a catch-22. So, sacrificing a portion of each paycheck, Cari relied on Uber to get to and from work daily.

It was about that time is when CTL friend Alicia Thoms called to donate a car to a family in need. As an active CTL volunteer and donor, Alicia knows how small challenges can loom large for families in poverty, which is why she decided to tangibly help by gifting a car to Cari over Christmas.  


While CTL does not accept donated cars, the connection between the two women was made, and a huge barrier on Cari's path out of poverty was finally removed.

Today, with a reliable car, Cari is able to get to work regularly, where she has full benefits for herself and children. With her family safely and stably housed, her children in school and Cari working, this family is solidly on the path from poverty to prosperity.


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