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We transform lives by increasing the financial stability of mothers and their children



Just $500 in emergency savings can keep a family out of homelessness

​The adage, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,” holds true throughout life, and is strikingly apparent with families struggling in poverty. Not only do Center programs help women and families experiencing homelessness, but our programs also prevent families from becoming homeless, keeping them in the safety of their homes.

Single mother households with young children under age 6 are especially vulnerable to financial instability: 37 percent live below the federal poverty line, just one crisis away from homelessness. Poor credit compounds financial instability; its snowball effect leads to higher borrowing, premiums and deposits (for phones, housing, utilities). Good credit reduces expenses, freeing dollars to pay debt, and build financial assets. For a family with less than $1/day in discretionary income, one-on-one financial coaching with a solid plan to build emergency savings, reduce debt and establish or improve credit is critical. Financial Stability Services include Asset Builders Clinics, Individual Financial coaching, a credit improvement loan and small business development.

Poverty reduction programs are imperative to Tarrant County. Thirty-three percent of working Tarrant County households are low income (below 200% of Federal Poverty Line) and nearly half live in liquid asset poverty. Something as simple as a flat tire can be the catalyst that leaves a family homeless. ​Preventing homelessness reduces poverty, helps mothers retain employment and keeps children fed, educated and safe.

A hand up, not a hand out

Money management is a powerful tool. In Tarrant County, 44 percent of those in poverty are working. Despite a stable income, these parents are struggling to provide basic necessities for their families. Our financial coaches work one-on-one with each participant to help them to develop and follow a budget, decrease debt, improve credit, increase income and begin saving for a better future.

Last year, 601 participants received Financial Stability Services in 63 Asset Builder Clinics and 1,411 individual coaching sessions.  68% of those participants achieving at least four coaching sessions reached at least one of their goals.

  • Average credit score increase: 52 points, and for those in our credit improvement loan, 93 points!

  • Average credit score: 515, and for those in our credit improvement loan, 601!

  • Average savings increase: $1,324

  • Average Income Increase: $2,481

  • 5 small businesses expanded to subsidize family’s income


As little as $500 can keep a family out of homelessness, saving our community more than $20,000 per year.

Learn more about Tarrant County's financial health by visiting Prosperity Now.