Carol's Crusade

Celebrating 10 Years!

This month marks the 10th year CTL’s Carol Klocek has served as the agency’s Chief Executive Officer, leading the crusade to help women and children escape poverty and homelessness.


In the 10 years under Carol’s leadership, the social service agency has expanded to help thousands more impoverished women and children (approximately 3,000 annually), and the operating budget has grown to more than $9 million with nearly 100 full-time employees.

In celebration, we asked Carol to some milestone moments of the last decade:

Along with CTL's Board of Directors, crafting the Strategic Plan in 2013 that charted CTL's vision, growth and direction.

In 2013, adding Financial Stability Services, which has now grown to a leading program in Tarrant County. FES serves 450+ families annually with a $2 economic return to the community for every $1 invested.

In 2015,  navigating the Center for Transforming Lives through our name change. (CTL originated as the YWCA Fort Worth & Tarrant County in 1907.)

Our homeless services, which has served single women for years, expanded in 2014 to include family housing for women with children – now more than 100 families per year are safely off the streets and in their own homes!

Leading the Coalition for Homeless Children and releasing the recent study on childhood homelessness in Tarrant County (click here to read the study).

Greatly expanding CTL’s childcare program to include Early Head Start, ensuring children who are homeless would still have access to care, while ensuring families receive the social services support they need to recover from homelessness. 

That is a signification list of accomplishments! Of course, we would be remiss after that peek back not to chat with her about CTL’s future:


“My vision is to build an organization that is truly effective at breaking the cycle of poverty for families — and to do this on a scale that has community impact,” Carol said.


“Because single mothers with young children living in poverty and homelessness have significant, individual and complex needs, CTL will be able to meet those needs in a way that is realistic, holistic and compassionate, and that helps them develop over time and become fully self-sufficient.


By 2023, I intend for us to be working with 10,000 women and children each year, and with one-third lifting themselves above the poverty line.”


Here’s to the next 10 years!

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Five Favorites: 

Favorite quote: 

“There is no 'them and us.’  There is only us.”  -Fr. Greg Boyle

Favorite travel: 

High in the back country of the mountains.

Favorite CTL moments: 

Witnessing the before and after with a mother and child. The complete transformation, particularly when the family achieves far more than most thought possible.


Favorite stress reducer:

Yoga, because it helps me to learn to be still.

Favorite current book: 

Tattoos on the Heart, by Fr. Greg Boyles


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