Being a Transforming Lives Ambassador is an easy volunteer position, but definitely has one of the BIGGEST impacts

Our Ambassadors aren’t just volunteers, they’re family. As part of our family, you’ll receive exclusive invites to happy hours, round table discussions with the CEO, and annual events such as Clean Out Help Out and the Transforming Lives Luncheon.


What is an Ambassador?

We believe that it is the engagement of passionate individuals in the mission and work of this organization that is the lifeblood – the oxygen – that will ultimately sustain the mission, the vitality and the relevance of the Center for Transforming Lives.


Ambassadors open doors for the Center for Transforming Lives in the community, introducing new people to our work and mission by asking them to attend our Transforming Lives Tours.


What are the qualifications?

This is easy…a passion for our mission for moving women, children and families from poverty to independence.


What requirements must be met to become an Ambassador?

  1. Welcome at least one Transforming Lives Tour each year

  2. Invite ten or more guests to a Transforming Lives Tour

  3. Serve at least one volunteer shift each year in our Child Development, Housing, or Financial Empowerment programs.


How much time is required of an Ambassador?

The time commitment is completely dependent on each individual, but on average it takes 15 hours per year to meet the requirements to become an Ambassador.

Have additional questions?


We’re happy to answer any and all questions you may have. Please contact


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